Getting inside the hero’s head

When asked by how I, as a female author, gets inside the head of my male protagonist, I immediately thought of the line Jack Nicholson’s character says in the film As Good as it Gets* when asked how he writes women so well: ‘I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.’

That’s a great line but I don’t reverse it in order to write men. However, from my teaching experience, I know the male of the species is pretty straightforward. I believe he’s also a whole lot more sensitive than he likes to let on. And, dare I say, a man is invariably driven by his pecker when it comes to choosing women.

I also think that men default to work, sport, music or any activity to avoid emotional issues. In my next book,Chloe’s Rescue Mission, my hero, Duncan Thorsen, has become hugely successful by channelling all his energy into business. Why? To get over the loss of his first love.

I never hate the hero I’ve created because he is, of course, the perfect man! He can confuse me and even surprise me, but I’m always totally charmed by him. I think a writer has to be fascinated by, and ultimately in love with, her hero to make the story work.

*As Good as it Gets is Written by James L. Brooks and Mark Andrus.

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