Don’t be afraid of rejection

Inspirational thought #1

Just now and again, I read something which inspires me. I know I’m not alone in that. You only have to see the thoughts and images shared by Facebook users and the like, to know we love to be inspired.

Well, here’s something I read, which inspired me to keep going with my writing. I found it in the memoir, ‘And Why Not?’ by film critic and writer, Barry Norman.

“In any given field, there is far less real talent than you might suppose. It means that if you believe you have talent and are prepared to work hard, you can achieve far more than you thought you could.  If you believe in yourself and go for it, there is no end to what you can achieve.

“Never be afraid to take a chance.  And never be afraid of rejection.  You are bound to face it but just because one person rejects you, doesn’t mean you’re hopeless.  They may well be wrong.  In fact, that’s what you must believe.”

So for those of you who feel you’re hitting the wall, again and again, I recommend you print out Barry Norman’s quote and pin it to the wall above your desk.

It worked for me. Thank you, Barry Norman.