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My writing chum, Effrosyni Moschoudi (Frossie to her friends), is offering her paranormal romantic novel, The Ebb, for a limited time at 99p/99c. Effrosyni is an Amazon bestselling author telling stories drenched in Greek sunshine and set in beautiful locations.  And I LOVE the spooky twist! Read more here about her work and why she writes supernatural stories.

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Would you trust a ghost to help you find true love? Sofia, the heroine of The Lady of the Pier trilogy did just that. Start reading The Ebb to find out more. (It can also be enjoyed as a standalone read!)


frosso pic1 300DPIWelcome to my blog, Frossie! Tell us, what inspired you to write The Ebb?

Thank you, Rosie, great to be here!

The book combines my love for both Corfu and Brighton. Although this is a work of fiction, the story of Sofia who adores her grandparents and their village in Corfu, brims over with autobiographical elements as I used to spend my summers in the same way as a young girl. Up to a point, the description of the locales are very close to reality as well. As for Brighton, I’ve always had a fascination towards the West Pier. I was inspired to write this story because I feel it’s a shame that this magnificent landscape no longer exists and I wanted to bring it back to life through my story. In the remaining two volumes of The Lady of the Pier trilogy, The Flow and The Storm, the story highlights many events in real life history that involve Brighton and this pier at the heart of WWII.

Why do you write paranormal romance?

Anything that goes under the category of the paranormal fascinates me. Every day life can be mundane for us all, so I sprinkle some paranormal magic onto my stories hoping it will excite others the way it excites me. In real life, I am very much into the metaphysical, reincarnation, angels, and am highly spiritual in general so it comes easy to me to write about these things.

Me too!! So, can you share any personal experience of other-worldly happenings with us?

Oh yes. All my life I have felt protected in some eerie way and believe I have angels who look out for me at all times. In the recent years, my life got pretty scary healthwise plus it brought a lot of upset within my family. During these times, I received angelic messages that gave me a lot of comfort and courage. I blogged about these experiences at the time.
Click here to see two of these messages.

Amazing stories! What else can readers find on your website?

Readers can watch book trailers and download free excerpts of all my novels, and they can also discover a plethora of wonderful indie authors of many different genres via the interviews and book reviews/spotlights on my blog. Lastly, visitors are welcome to download my two permafree books that contain delightful short stories. Click here for the free stuff!


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Watch The Ebb trailer here

Your books are lovely and intriguing reads. Thank you so much for talking to us!


The Ebb — When Sofia falls in love, a mourning spirit begins to haunt her…

the Ebb cover ABNA 533x800(1)CORFU, 1987

On a long holiday with her grandparents, Sofia Aspioti meets Danny Markson, a charming flirt who makes her laugh. Although she tries to keep him at arm’s length, worried that village gossip will get back to her strict family, she falls desperately in love. That’s when strange dreams about Brighton’s West Pier and a woman dressed in black begin to haunt her. Who is this grieving woman? And how is her lament related to Sofia’s feelings for Danny?


Dreaming of wealth and happiness, Laura Mayfield arrives in Brighton to pursue a new life. She falls for Christian Searle, a happy-go-lucky stagehand at the West Pier theatre, but when she’s offered a chance to perform there, her love for him is put to the test. Charles Willard, a wealthy aristocrat, is fascinated by her and pursues her relentlessly. Will Laura choose love…or money?


“Ms. Moschoudi is proving to be a skilled storyteller who takes her readers on a wonderful ride.”
~David M. Wind, author of Queen of Knights

“Reading Ms Moschoudi’s work is like visiting a friend. You are so wrapped up in the story that you don’t want it to end!”
~Julie Blaskie, Amazon reviewer

“I could feel the warm sun and sandy beaches even on a cold dreary day.”
~Helen Johnson Brumbaugh, Amazon reviewer

For a limited period…

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