In the Mood

Sports teams psyche themselves up before a match with a hearty bout of group chanting. Think: the All Blacks rugby team performing the Haka. (Try not to think of chunky thighs and firm muscles…)


So when Writers’ Block arrives and I need to motivate myself, I play music – LOUDLY – through headphones to activate my brain and raise my vibration; and waddya know – there is a science to this.


Apparently the right kind of music engages our sympathetic nervous system – it flushes the brain with dopamine, which makes us feel good, and also helps release norepinephrine, which brings about euphoria.


Any of the following will work for me:


♪  Can’t Rely on You — Paloma Faith
♪  Home — Dan Croll
♪  Rock DJ — Robbie Williams

♪  Lovin’ Each Day — Ronan Keating
♪  I just want to dance the night away — the Mavericks
♪  Big Yellow Tax — Counting Crows
♪  Hidden Agenda — Craig David
♪  Pencil full of Lead — Paulo Nutini
♪  Upside Down — Jack Johnson
♪  Wish I — Jem
♪  Riviera Life — Caro Emerald
♪  Hounds of Love — Kate Bush


What music does it for you?

Go to my JOY for writing playlist on YouTube


10 thoughts on “In the Mood”

  1. I listen to New Age music to relax and put myself in the mood to write. The “Arias” by Paul Schwartz are my favorites. I also rely on stations I’ve created in Pandora, which feature a variety of New Age artists, including pianists Helen Jane Long and Kevin Kern.

    1. Hi Dale. I can’t listen to my motivation music when actually writing either. It’s too distracting, I start dancing about or singing along. But a twenty minute blast of it before I sit down helps me stop prevaricating and wakes my brain up. Then I put the classical radio station on, very quietly, in the background.
      I have also been known to yell at myself!

  2. I tend to listen to CDs in the car that relate to the era I’m currently writing about, as well as watch movies and TV series to get me in the mood. Of course, I’m always reading articles/books and looking at images that put me in that pertinent historical, old time mood.

  3. Hi Rosie
    I thoroughly agree with you about the power of music as inspiration for writing. I usually go for something traditional & dramatic to suit my novels. Il Divo are good & there are some incredible tracks on Susan Boyle’s original album. It’s whatever works for you. Do hope music has been inspiring you recently. Perhaps I should get listening as I need to start planning a new story!

    1. Tania Crosse, thanks for dropping by. I love your historic novels!
      Il Divo are fab and, in a similar vein, I like Josh Groban, his song ‘You are Loved’ has inspired a more serious novel of mine about a cellist, which is yet to be finished. I can see I’ll be listening to a lot more classical if I progress with that one.