Now that I’m a writer…

Actually, I’ve been able to write for some time. I’ve even been able to earn money doing it.

The difference is, now I can write largely what I want. That’s really liberating. Although no guarantee I’ll earn money from it.

When I gave up the day job (where I worked in marketing and corporate communication) I still felt strangely wired for weeks afterwards. I’d jump at the ring of my phone and regularly check my emails — just in case a client needed something. It was really hard to accept that someone else was looking after them.

The upside, however, of my conscientious nature meant I’d soon be back in the saddle — only this time on my creative horse.

There was a flaw in my thinking.

You see, it was lovely not having work to do. And, eventually, it was bliss to know there wouldn’t be any emails or calls demanding my time. So I lifted books from my To Be Read pile and indulged myself. I watched three episodes of Downton Abbey at a time. I made biscuits and cakes, which I ate and, as a result, had to start the 5:2 diet. I met friends for lunch…though not on my fasting days…and slept better than I had in years.

But, as my dear old friend, Shirl, would say, it didn’t pay the old woman her ninepence.

So I climbed the steep learning curve of self-publishing and the result is, my first book, Millie’s Game Plan, is now out there. I do hope you enjoy it. If you do — please tell your friends, if you don’t — say nowt!

You can read an excerpt from it here.