Vicki’s Work of Heart

Vicki's Work of Heart by Rosie DeanWhat would you do if you found yourself stranded at the altar and knee-deep in your charming but absent fiancé’s gambling debts?

Shall I tell you what I did?  That ‘s me, Vicki Marchant, humble Art teacher and jilted bride.  I decided to carry on with the wedding reception because I like a good party.  Then I seized my new-found freedom by jacking in my teaching job to pursue life as a painter, in France.  It was my time.

I had no comforting arms to snuggle into and no darling babies to cuddle…but equally no husband to support, no ego to stroke and none of his nebulous business ventures to bankroll.  Happy-ever-after for me would be found in glorious solitude and success.

Nobody was going to get in the way of my ambition.  Definitely, no men.

Which was a pity, because my best friend set me up with free accommodation in the home of dishy vet, Christophe Dubois.  All I had to do was cook his meals.

I could do that.  I would resist him and focus on my art…

And then I met fellow countryman and art critic, Daniel Keane, who was knowledgeable, well-connected and so supportive.

Brilliant!  I would focus on my art even more …wouldn’t I?

I soon learned two things: some men are hard to resist and my judgement of them was still on the dodgy side.  Which threatened my ambition and left me facing an uncertain future…again.

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